Audiovisual Installation-Social networking

Project by Youssef Tabti with the assistance of Prof. Antonio Giménez Reillo, University of Murcia


Invisible Boundaries is a multidisciplinary project specifically directed towards the Arabic language as a mediator and engine of a dialogue between cultures.
With the assistance of Mr.
Antonio Giménez Reillo professor of Arabic at the University of Murcia and the artist Youssef Tabti together they will develop a collaborative project with students in Arabic.

The presentation will take the form of a visual and sound installation but will also become a blog on the internet, accessible to everyone who wants to comment (anonymously or not) on these impressions and opinions about the concept.
Invisible Boundaries is a project form of work- in-progress and specially developed for Manifesta 8
This means that the project will develop with time.
A small group of students, under the direction of Mr. Giménez and Youssef Tabti, will contribute to the expansion of the installation.